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About Us

The name of Red Rock Shepherds/Kennel came alive to convey two main ideas.  One was the deep red and black tones of the Shepherd that I fell in love with and knew that I wanted to breed for and enhance, and the other was that our dogs were going to be solid in structure and temperament...solid as a rock!

Ethical breeding is of utmost importance to us.

Dogs that are bred at Red Rock Shepherds are a product of high standards. Some of these standards include:

1. Only breeding healthy dogs. This includes all of the basic care as well as things like not breeding a female dog as much as possible to turn a profit. Puppy rearing is hard work! One litter per year, per female, is normal.

2. OFA certified dogs to rule out genetic diseases as best as possible. This means that no dog here is bred until at least two years old.

3. Stable temperament. In addition to genetics, proper socialization and training are vital to this. Additionally, because we do not breed a dog younger than two years old, the dog has developed mentally as well as physically which factors into how the mother cares for her puppies.

4. Proper care of new puppies from birth until placement.

5. Providing information to possible homes about the breed and it's pro's and con's to see if it will be a dog you will love for life or can't live with in a month. Due to high standards, puppy availability will be limited. Some waiting may be required. But if time is not an issue, the satisfaction of getting a truly good dog is well worth it. If waiting is not an option, we can recommend a breeder with equally high standards that has a larger facility. The larger kennel often means that puppy availability will be slightly more frequent.

6.  Breeding for what is often called the total dog.  This means that we are not breeding just for looks, nor just for function, or temperament, but for all these aspects combined.

What is a "good" German Shepherd?

A good German Shepherd is a joy to live with.  They are a total package of brains and beauty.  They should both look good and function well and be an additional family member




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