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BIS Int CH/GRCH Red Rock's Suzie Q, CAX, OFA, TC, TT, RN, HIC, CGC

"Oh Susie Q, oh Susie Q
Oh Susie Q baby I love you, Susie Q
I like the way you walk
I like the way you talk
I like the way you walk
I like the way you talk
Susie Q..."


BIMBS Int CH/GR CH Red Rock's Suzie Q, CAX, RN, TT, HIC, CGC, OFA

Suzie Q's date of birth is 02-10-2006.

This is Total Dog Award Recipient, Multiple Best In Show Winner, International Champion, UKC  Grand Champion, AKC Ch Ptd Suzie Q, RN, TT, TC, HIC, CGC and now CAX (Coursing Aptitude x 2).  She is from our Flo/ Harry Potter litter of February 2006. We can't say enough about this exciting girl.  She is five years old and is simply fabulous!  Suzie finished in the Top Ten for GSD's in UKC for 2010.  She is working towards her AKC Championship.  She's earned her Rally Novice Title although that was much to slow paced for her enjoyment.  She showed strong Herding Instincts in her herding instinct test.  We are continually looking for competition for Suzie to enjoy.  She successfully passed and earned her Temperament Tested Title in June 2009 in Columbus, GA under the American Temperament Test Society, and passed the GSDCA Temperament Test in 2010.


Suzie Q became the first German Shepherd to earn the AKC Coursing Title, October 30,  2011, making her the first GSD to earn the title in both venues.


Suzie Q and Kira became the first German Shepherds to earn the CA Coursing Title in AKC in Marietta, GA under the Greyhound Association of North Georgia. AKC followed UKC by opening Lure Coursing to all breeds in February 2011.

On Sunday,  July 11, 2010 at 0900 hrs, in Richmond Indiana, at an event hosted by the United Greyhound Association at the UKC Premier,  Suzie Q became the FIRST German Shepherd ever to earn a Coursing Title!  
We can't say enough about Suzie Q.  

Below are three judges reports on Suzie Q from the International Dog Show held in
Conyers, GA Dec 13th and 14th 2008.


Judge T. Nesbitt (Canada)
Very pleasant bitch.  Overall impression is nice type and sound with coat of excellent 
color and texture.  Her head is feminine and typy. Good mouth, eyes set well, dark, and 
expressive.  Her ears are set well and used well.  She has good depth and breadth of 
chest.  Front angulation is well angled with good lay back of shoulder.  Back angulation 
is balanced to front.  Level and strong back/topline. Her tail is set well and carried 
well.  Movement Clean coming and going.  Overall rating V-1.


Judge Dr. J.D. Jones: (USA)
Very attractive bitch,slightly large but good bitch.  Correct coat, good head, correct 
full dentition.  Eyes are correct color and shape, ears are correct set on. Correct 
Chest, good front angulation.  Back angulation is good and slight. Topline is level and 
firm.  Tail is well set on and carried well.  Movement is very good with reach and drive 
and energetic.  Overall rating V-1


Judge Ms. Jane Roppolo: (USA/International)
Alert, energetic bitch who is very well put together with coat of good texture. Her head 
is well balanced with scissor bite and full mouth.  Eyes are dark, ears are erect, deep 
chest, nice lay back of shoulder.  Well angulated back.  Slopey topline, well set and 
carried tail.  Movement is ground covering.  Overall rating V-1.



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