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Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook, 3rd Edition by James M. Griffin, MD & Liisa D. Carlson, DVM.  This book is a very good book to have.  It is not too technical to understand but it is not too simplistic either.  It has a section on common over the counter medications that are safe for your dog and the proper dosage to give.

Caring For Your Dog, The Complete Canine Home Reference by Bruce Fogle, DVM.  This is another good book.  It has a lot of color reference pictures.  The information is good.  It gives the basics.  It has a very good section on Emergency Assessment, rescue breathing, and CPR.

The Breeder's Guide To Raising Superstar Dogs  by Jerry Hope, CDBC.  This is a good book for Breeder's and Trainers and deals with critical issues in socialization and development and how it affects dogs.  I dare say that this book would be good for anyone looking to buy a new puppy because it will help in finding a good puppy from a good breeder.

The Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson.  This book deals with behavior.  It was, for the most part, a very good book.  I did not agree with everything that the author wrote, but in general it provided a good basis from which to start.

The Merck Veterinary Manual, 9th Edition published by Merck & Co., Inc.  This is a good book only if you are able to understand very technical terms and writing geared specifically towards veterinary medicine.  I do not recommend it for the average person though.  If you have a good scientific background in biology and life sciences you would probably be okay with this book.




We've used the Bio Sensor Program in raising our litters for years.  I talk about this program a lot and it took a recent converstion with a client for me to realize that I have not uploaded anything about it for the clients to know what I am talking about.  So, here it is.  Our thanks go out to Dr. Carmen Battaglia for sending me this, in a format I could upload.

Click here for a printable version of the Bio Sensor Program

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