Red Rock German Shepards
Red Rock German Shepards

Billy Jack

Billy Jack...aka B.J.
1996 to June 6, 2009


B.J. was one of our rescue cases.  He was wandering around West Central State Prison and was hit by one of the roving patrol cars.  So we brought him home and he never left.  B.J.'s only purpose in life was to be a loveable dog.  He was submissive to every creature who came before and after him.  He was "Uncle B.J." to many puppies.  He was a Therapy dog through Delta Society, Inc.  
B.J. was just B.J. I always joked and said B.J. was a little special in the head but he was a good boy.
A loveable little unobtrusive dog who loved to please.  He lived a very long and contented life with us and he will be missed.  I know he is now sitting by Lacey's side over the Rainbow Bridge, licking her back and ears and asking..."whatta ya wanna do Lacey, huh, huh, whatta ya wanna do?" because that's just the kind of dog he was. We'll miss you little buddy and don't worry, there are no thunderstorms over the rainbow bridge.

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