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Flo-Lo's Arineque Hard Times

R.I.P. Flo Flo 02-07-2001 to 08-07-2014
Mother and Grandmother, Flo spent her younger years raising future generations. She is mother to our
Suzie Q, Heidi, and Emma.  Grandmother to Kira, Kali, Wally, and Eve, not to mention grandmother and mother to many of our extended family members.  She did not set foot into a ring until she was a Veteran and earned her CH's from the Veterans Class, having no problems keeping up with "the  youngsters" when she was seven years old.  We couldn't have asked for a better girl to help build the future with.  You lived long and well and now your legs and eyes are good as new. Frolic with those who came before you and join the ranks of those on the other side.

Flo Flo was the main foundation of our begining. She was nearly 14 years old when she was called to go over the bridge. Flo was a very sweet, loving dog who has passed that trait on to all her puppies. She is the daughter of GV HickoryHills Bull Durham.  Flo did not hit the show circuit when she was younger, as she was chosen to raise puppies for our future.  Flo did have her moment in the spotlight at the International Show in February 2010, at 10 years old, earning her International Title from the Veteran's Class. She enjoyed her weekend in the ring and all the admiration and praise she received at how well she looked at her age.  Flo passed the GSDCA Temperament Certification on 11-13-2010. Veterans's are the best!  Nothing perturbed this girl, who proved that you'd have to try pretty dang hard to unsettle an old girl like her.

International Champion
UKC Champion
Temperament Tested (TC)
Herding Instinct Tested (HIC)
Canine Good Citizen (CGC)
OFA Certified

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