Red Rock German Shepards
Red Rock German Shepards


June 1994-August 02, 2007


Lacey,"Pooh Bear", was a Boxer from Texas.  She was rescued from going to the dog pound.  Lacey became the matriarch of our doggie world.  She taught and welcomed every single creature that has ever entered our household, to include cats.  No matter what the age, sex, species, or circumstance, Lacey was there laying down the law of our "pack" and none have ever questioned her right to do so.  All of our dogs run together regardless of sex and I am sure that it was Lacey's Law that helped it be so.  As the years passed and the family grew, once Lacey approved of them, all fell into place.

She was the original protector of the property and house and has taught "her charges" how to carry on this duty.  Lacey was always a very independent thinker who knew what she wanted and when she wanted it and by god was going to have it.   She was an expert escape artist who could climb fences and unlock them too.  In her younger years she was the "riding queen" and had a lot of miles under her collar. 

Lacey gradually put herself into "retirement", turning over her duties to those trainees younger than herself, at first remaining a "supervisor", then an occasional "consultant" until the very end.  Eventually, Lacey moved herself into the house on a full time basis where she enjoyed her thick bed and the air conditioning.

Lacey's long watch is now over and she was never slack in her self imposed duties.   She lives on in every dog still with us, because she has taught them all and a part of her is with each of them. She crossed the Rainbow bridge and stands watch on the other side.   

Thank you sweet old girl for all your years of dedicated service.    You were loved by all and will be missed by all.  Rest now, you have more than earned it.

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