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Red Rock German Shepards

Red Rock's Radar Love

Red Rock's Radar Love, CAA, TD, CGC, ..aka..Radar
April 28, 2009 to February 27, 2014

When asked  "What kind of dog is that?" my response was always "He's a Georgia Wood Troll!" Radar was born in the woods, one of nine, from a Lab that was abandoned in the area.  He was my little "subcompact" model of a dog.  He weighed 60 lbs but was only knee high with a tail that was his radar alert tool.  Radar, so full of life, loved howl fests, chasing bunnies and squirrels, but gentle with kittens and puppies.  He won the biggest Rosette of all the dogs to date in the Columbus Kennel Club Pet Pals Competition.  My "naked" boy with no undercoat, loved to snuggle next to his momma.  Radar was being mentored by Robert in all aspects of being a good "son." And Radar loved Robert. Radar was diagnosed with a mast cell grade 3 cancerous tumor on Dec 30, 2013 and for 30 days after that we were sure it was gone, but the cancer came back for a full scale battle. I love you little man. My little Dar Dar, the nights are lonely without you curled up next to me. 

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