Red Rock German Shepards
Red Rock German Shepards

Guardian's Samson Alexander

October 10, 2003 to October 28, 2014
Samson...No matter where he went, he turned heads. He was my first "show dog" 
and we learned the ropes together. Samson was bred by Kenny Williams.
He was precocious in his younger years.  He loved to see who he could get a reaction out of
with his deep bark, usually when the "victim" wasn't looking.  But he was a loving dog, gentle 
with the puppies who came after him.  He was a mommas boy when he was younger but his senior
years were spent in "male bonding" with his daddy. He loved to do "guy" things like play with his football.


International Champion
UKC Champion
Companion Dog (CD)
Temperament Tested (TT)
Herding Instinct Tested (HIC)
Canine Good Citizen (CGC)
OFA Certified

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