Red Rock German Shepards
Red Rock German Shepards


Int CH/UKC CH Red Rock's Trouble With Savannah,CGC,TT
(1 RN leg), OFA

February 10, 2006 to June 1, 2010



Savannah, my beutiful Savannah.  I remember the day you were born.  You were the third born, and arrived feet first.  Your red pigment was as red as fire from the moment you arrived.  You were the first out of the whelping box and the first one to escape out of the puppy play pen.  You were a "talker" and a "flyer".  You were an escape artist with no fence too tall or counter too high. You were my "pick" of the litter with your lush coat and deep pigment.  You were always such a glamour girl who loved spa treatment and pampering.  Yet, you were a wild child.  When you ran, you flew through the air, perfectly suspended as if you weren't moving at all.  Though for a time you blessed and touched two other families with your love, you never really left my heart.  It was your unchained spirit that sent you to the Rainbow Bridge.  I imagine that being earth bound had become too boring for you, o wild child of mine.  You wanted to sail across the sky and junp from cloud to cloud and chatter away endlessly about nothing in particular.  So, once again we must be apart for a time.  I hope you will look in on us and Judy, and Jason and Jodie, as you make your rounds up there and talk everyone's ear off. 

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